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If any technical process stands out in our times, that is the mass media’s remarkable development: press, cinema, television, Internet, etc. Their huge influence over the modern life is evident. The current material and political situation has willingly contributed to pervert culture, so that, nowadays, our cultural forces are nothing but rotten oppression tools at capital gain’s service.

Facing up to the capital forces that inundate the world with its values (individualism, heteropatriarchy, war, inequality), and to the postmodern culture itself, it’s necessary to come up with a NUEVA CULTURA of modernity and social justice, defending the workers main transforming role.

This NUEVA CULTURA shall be the powerful cornerstone that subverts historical and social conditions, encouraging human development through a culture that synthesizes the curiosity of all artist’s generations (specially the youngest ones). One of our urgent tasks must be the battle against the degrading action of mass media, clearing up this gloomy ambient with a resolute critic, polemic and creative action.

All that implies a fight against capitalism and fascism -that deny the human being in its diversity-, against the heteropatriarchal oppression to the women -and their main influence in the world’s history- and, finally, against all forms of violence over historically oppressed groups, must be with us.

We want to oppose to the hideous force of the corrupt press another one plenty of creative will, that fulfills its high destiny helping to build social justice, supreme formula of human liberty.

We will dedicate a special remembrance to the forefather experience impulsed by Josep Renau in 1935, being conscious of the great responsibility that implies picking up his torch.

We want our pages to be opened to the widest human inspiration: at NUEVA CULTURA, we hope to have any creative force’s company. Letting this impulse go will doom us to failure, because our mission begins where others’ end.